Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions by site members.

There no cost to registering on the website. You can join and leave as you wish with no charge.
No, we do not encourage you to create multiple profiles.
Currently you can only create a profile for yourself. In future we may extend this to creation of profile for family and friends.
We use SSL encryption to ensure communication is encrypted between you and the website.
Yes, you can copy the link to your profile and share this with friend. Please note that only members are able to view the profiles. The person viewing your profile will need to create an account to view the profile.
Currently you can only create an account for yourself. We are looking to in account creation on behalf of others at a later date.
There may be a cost to attending an event.
Some events may be free, some may require a small contribution.
Attending events is completely optional on your choice.
Details of the event (location, any cost, interested members) can be found on the website, allowing you to make an informed choice whether the event are best for you.

As part of the verification process we ask that you provide some form of ID to confirm your personal details.

Yes, you are welcome to bring a chaperone to the event.